Photo Booths for hire

With a top of the range selection of interactive photo video booths, our sister company SUPERBOOTHS EUROPE offer the world's first and only interactive photo shoot experience, perfect for any event, party or product launch.

London Airport Christmas Messages

Placing a Superbooth in a specially-made Christmas Grotto at London City Airport, we allowed travellers to record video messages to send to their loved ones far away. 

The messages could be uploaded online and to social media instantly, letting family and friends know that they were thinking of them over the holidays. 

We even threw in some nice surprises for our travel-weary visitors, with gifts ranging from free flights to iPad Minis – all in the holiday spirit! 

Selfie Mirror

The selfie is a worldwide phenomenon, defining a generation of self-portraits. With the Selfie Mirror, the world’s first image capture mirror, you get a selfie without taking out your phone. 

This format fulfils the shopper’s urge to share pics and opinions with friends (“Dress A or dress B?” “What do you think of this new lippie colour?”) “How’s my new hairstyle?” and helps you promote your brand. 

The Selfie Mirror is perfect for an event or within the retail environment, and gives guests and shoppers what they want – feedback, social media and fun. 

Lets Race - Fusionbooth

The Fusion Booth (FB) lets guests share the excitement by sharing their photos or video messages on Facebook and Twitter from your personalised microsite. Track your exponential outreach through Google Analytics. We can also incorporate data collection for future marketing campaigns. 

Your tailor-made booth is wrapped in customised and bespoke graphics: perfect for a corporate party, a product launch, an international tour or an in-store kiosk to gather customer feedback. Add your own video ad to play before or after each guest’s session.