FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you price match?

Answer: Where we are quoting "like for like" we endeavour to beat any quote or match it but with better quality games.

2) What power does the game need?

Answer: You will see the power requirements of each game in its “Technical Specifications”.

3) How big is the game? 

Answer: You will see the dimensions of each game in its “Technical Specifications”.

4) What size door will it fit through?

Answer: You will see the minimum door width required of each game in its “Technical Specifications”.

5) Do I need to put coins in to play the game?

Answer: No all of our games are set on free play so you just push the start button and play.

6) Do you have Public liability

Answer: Yes we have 5 million pounds worth of cover just click here for H and S docs.

7) Do you have risk assessments?

Answer: Yes we have  risk assessments that cover all scenarios “clickhere” but we can also write bespoke assessments for your event.

8) Can the game go up stairs?

Answer: You will get the information on this in “Installation Details”.

9) Are the games noisy?

Answer: You will be shown where the volume control is and this can be set from silent to very loud. Also the games are set so that they do not make a noise when they are not being played (Attract mode is turned off).

10) Will the game fit in a lift?

Answer: We will need the dimensions of the lift from you. Some games can be stripped down to fit in a small lift but on other games it is not possible. If it does not fit we will try to find an alternative for you.

11) Do you supply an attendant?

Answer: Attendants are not required but some clients prefer to have one so we can supply one but sometimes there is an extra cost. Quite often your installation engineer will remain local to the job so that you can call him in the unlikely circumstance that you need some help or assistance.

12) Can we run a competition on the game and keep scores?

Answer: You can but this will require an attendant. The score board inside most of these games only allows you to put some initials up which means you may not find the winner. We can supply a score board and staff, but you may want to do that yourselves in which case we will give you all the information that you require and show you how to do it.

13) What happens if the game develops a fault?

Answer: In the unlikely circumstance that the game develops a fault, please contact the installation engineer and if you cannot then call the office line 01635 529952 and we will endeavour to sort the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes we can talk you through a solution (have you tried turning it off and back on again) and quite often our engineer is nearby.

14) What area do you cover, do you go abroad?

 Answer: All over :o) In the past we have provided games for parties and events in Amsterdam, Aberdeen, Barcelona, Berlin, Belfast, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Davos, Hamburg, Milan, Montreux, Nuremberg, Niece, Paris, Rome and Slough :o)  Price on application. 

15) Can I get Xeonn’s contact details?

Answer: Sorry we gave one client his details and we never heard from them again, we think Xeonn ate them!

16) Can I get Doug’s contact details?

Answer: Yes please email doug@amusements.co.uk I am actively seeking work and would happily send a full CV.