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Bespoke Zoltar

Our Zoltar Fortune Teller is one of our most popular machines for hire and an evergreen classic which brings nostalgic fun to any event. Each of our Zoltar Fortune Tellers are completely customisable offering a fully bespoke wrap, custom printed fortune cards and even record your own custom audio. Everyone loves this all-knowing animatronic fortune-telling machine. Made famous by Tom Hanks in the movie ‘BIG’ where we see the mystical Zoltar grant the wish of a teenage boy to ‘become big’. Our Zoltar Fortunes Tellers are, without doubt, one of our most hired games.

Available In Two Models


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Come closer and hear what Zoltar has to tell you

Press start and the full-sized figure enclosed within his elaborate cabinet will start to read your fortune from his illuminated crystal ball. Zoltars eyes move from side to side, his head nods up and down whilst his mouth opens in time with every spoken word. Watch as his hand moves across the cards and dispenses a printed fortune through the ornate card slot, for his client to take home.
With customisable printed fortunes and bespoke audio recordings, Zoltar Fortune Teller is a great crowd pleaser at trade shows, brand engagements, corporate parties, carnival themed events, weddings and bar & batmitzvah. An engaging and creative way to draw consumers to your brand or a light hearted way to interact with your guests at an event. The fully customisable Zoltar Fortune Teller can be tailor made to suit any occasion and is guaranteed to leave players walking away with a smile.

Branded Zoltar fortune teller available for hire

Trust Zoltar - Custom Game Branding

Turn the Zoltar Fortune Teller into your very own brand ambassador with a customisable artwork package. Our in-house creative team can project manage the entire process providing creative ideas and visual mock-ups and delivering high quality print fabrication and application. There are no limits to the customising potentials, we can brand just one panel or deliver a fully artworked machine, including an exclusive and eye-catching top box to guarantee your branding will get noticed.


Our experienced team understands the importance of remaining on brand. Before going to print our studio will send a visual render of your Zoltar with artwork, for your approval. We are happy to make any amends needed, so if you want to move that logo up slightly or maybe just add little something extra over there, it’s no problem.

Another important aspect of the in-house facility is working directly with customised arcade equipment. Many times the graphics designers working for a client are not familiar with our arcade games and commonly overlook certain features and physical aspects of the customisation process. This is where our experienced creative team comes in and will make minor, occasionally major design tweaks and changes. Of course, always with the client’s approval. We are here to help you every step and ensure we can deliver you a Zoltar Fortune Teller that’s truly event ready.

A proof for branding our zoltar machines
Branded zoltar fortune teller tickets

Zoltar Knows All - Custom Fortune Cards

Your Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine for hire can be further customised with bespoke printed fortune cards.This a favourite for all our event and experiential clients. The novelty and engagement of consumers taking away a branded fortune reading makes this product both entertaining and unique.
Each Zoltar Fortune Teller comes pre-loaded with 500 fortunes, all of which can be fully customised with up to 100 different designs on both sides. Our artwork studio can provide design templates with guidelines for you to come up with your own artwork files or we provide everything ‘lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels’, creating your custom fortunes for you, the choice is yours either way we’re here to help.

Custom fortunes are a superb and fun mechanism for giving away promotional codes, relaying a focal brand message or sneaking in big ticket prizes, just think Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket and watch as players queue to take part. Perfect for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences or experiential engagement with the flexibility to be creative and think outside the box.

Custom fortune teller cards
Zoltar Fortune teller custom audio

Zoltar Speaks - Record Your Own Audio

During play, Zoltar moves his eyes, his head nods up and down, hand moves side to side and mouth speaks to you, this speech can be personalised. Our Standard Zoltar Fortune Teller comes with up to 12 ‘Attract’ audio recordings (this is the audio spoken by him to draw you to the machine when he is not ‘in use’) and up to 16 ‘Fortune’ audio recordings (this is the audio heard by the customer when Zoltar reads his fortune to his audience). These are all available to review as a downloadable document or audio file and listening to both are highly entertaining. However, why not really engage with your audience or just have some fun with them by providing us with your very own ‘Audio’ for the Zoltar Fortune Teller, creating speech that is unique to your business or related to your event.

We’ve found that taking a tongue and cheek approach here always works best here and having custom audio is a great way to have some fun with your customers, catching them off guard and getting them to engage with your brand in a memorable and entertaining format.
You can upload up to 30 ‘Attract’ audio recordings and 30 ‘Fortune’ records with a maximum length of 60 seconds, giving you plenty of time to get creative. Software inside the machine listens to the audio and will move Zoltars mouth accordingly. Once the mystical Zoltar has finished will dispense your fortune sharing his wise words. 

He Has The Wisdom of The Ancients

We hire our Zoltar Fortune Teller machines throughout the UK and Europe with both the Standard and Deluxe models in stock. Combining cabinet branding, personalised printed fortunes and customised audio creates a fully bespoke experience guaranteed to have crowds watching, listening and laughing. For the record, the ‘all knowing’ Zoltar has never been wrong!

Zoltar is ideal for weddings, trade shows, product launches or even just to add a bit of flair to your next event. If you feel like Zoltar is the right man for the job or you’d like to know more give, us a call today.


Original Zoltar Fortune teller arcade machine

" We had a great time with Zoltar yesterday and we got tonnes of compliments on him, our clients loved the ‘Willy Wonka’ golden ticket idea, so we're really pleased with how it went. We were pleased with Zoltar so would be happy to work with you guys again in the future. We'll be in touch 100% whenever I hear about future events we're being involved in.

Thanks again to you, Sam and everyone at Corporate Amusements!

Cameron Thorn | Director of Business and Data Operations | Method Media Intelligence


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