COVID 19 - Postponed Events

We understand events may be postponed due to COVID-19. We are happy to carry forward the value of your order (like for like) to be used at a later date in 2022/23 at no extra charge (except December, when it's our peak period and additional charges may be incurred). However, if the event is cancelled, then our standard cancellation terms will apply (see section 4 below).



CAS Terms & Conditions

In this document Corporate Amusement Services Limited will be referred to as CAS.
The following terms detail CAS' terms of service. If you have any questions with regards to any of the following clauses, please contact CAS, where a member of our team may answer any questions you may have.


1. Supply
CAS agrees to supply equipment or services to the Client/Agency as defined in the contract of hire.
2. The Contract
You are requested to sign and return the contract of hire which will provide written confirmation of your verbal or written order made with CAS. Failure to sign and return the contract of hire is not sufficient to cancel the agreement entered into.
3. Alterations
Any alterations to the agreement must be agreed by both parties and initialled on the contract of hire accordingly.
4. Cancellation
Cancellation or postponement of the contract must be received in writing and is subject to the following cancellation charges or deposit forfeiture:
a. Cancellation of more than 60 days to date of supply: 25% of the contracted fee
b. Cancellation of 30-60 days to date of supply: 50% of the contracted fee
c. Cancellation of less than 30 days to date of supply: 100% of the contracted fee
5. Access and Safety
Access to and into the venue is the responsibility of the client/agent and any equipment unable to be installed as a result of poor access will be charged in full, unless a representative of CAS has visited the venue or been invoiced in the approval of the general logistics of access. It is the client's responsibility to inform CAS of any stairs, narrow access, parking restrictions or anything that may impair the access for the delivery or removal of the games ordered. This should also include the access route, if it is not hard standing, i.e. grass, gravel or an uneven surface. CAS reserves the right to refuse to supply on the grounds of: Damage to its equipment and exceptional risk to the health and safety of its staff and associates.
6. Damage
CAS reserves the right to charge any individual or company for damage to the equipment due to severe negligence or vandalism. Charge will be made to repair or replace equipment, dependent on damage.
7. Faults
In the unlikely event of a game developing a fault on site, CAS must be informed immediately by either contacting the engineer on site (he might be nearby with vehicle) or calling our office line (01635 529952 - open 24/7) and leaving a message. If CAS cannot rectify the fault we will refund an appropriate amount. However, failure to inform CAS may result in no refund.
8. Deliveries, where Ferry/Channel crossings are involved or transport is outsourced with the client
CAS will agree with the client which ferry crossings should be booked and which transport company is to be used. In the unlikely event that the ferry should not sail or be delayed or the transport company fails to deliver, CAS will not be held responsible for any late / non delivery (the client may take out insurance against this, should they wish to do so) and full payment will be taken.
9. Extended Hire
Extensions to the agreed period and times of hire may be subject to extra charges
10. Public Liability
CAS confirms that all equipment supplied is well maintained and covered by Public Liability Insurance
11. Payment Terms
Payment Terms for new customers is "Payment to be received prior to the event". Payment Terms for our established customers will be "within 30 days from date of event". Different terms may occasionally be agreed upon and will be annotated on the contract and/or invoice.


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