Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation of Arcade games

This, quite frankly, is the hard part of our job and health and safety is of paramount importance. Providing excellent customer service is also absolutely essential to our business, so we always double check with our customers that there are not any hindrances that may inhibit us in delivering and installing games. Please read this section and inform us of any issues we may encounter.


We own and operate 3.5 - 7.5 ton box vans with tail lifts. Things to take into consideration are:

  • Where do we park during loading and off loading?
  1. Is the loading bay big enough?
  2. Is parking for the purpose of loading allowed?
  3. Will we get a parking ticket? Is the parking legal?
  4. Do we need a parking pass/permit (mainly trade shows)?
  5. Is the access high and wide enough?
  6. If it is on grass, are there provisions made should the vehicle get stuck in mud?
Moving the games

Most of the games we hire are quite heavy, but they are on castors. One man can manage this on most occasions and that is generally what we base our quotes on. However please take into consideration:

  • Distance, Surface and Access:
  1. How far is the venue from where the vehicle will be parked?
  2. Is that part of the journey on hard standing, concrete, paving or tarmac?
  3. If it is on gravel, sand, grass or anything where the game may “sink” we NEED to know.
  4. Are the doorways wide enough for the games to fit through? You will find each game has a “minimum door width” annotated next to it. This is when the game is disassembled so please do not take the overall game dimensions into account for this.
  5. Please note that some games can be stripped down much further than listed, when in doubt please ask.
Lifts and Stairs

Most of our games will fit into a lot of lifts, depending on size, but we need to be sure. It is best that you give us the dimensions of the lift, as there are only four measurements to take into account. Let us know the following and we will endeavour to find a solution to any lift issues:

  1. The width of the door aperture.
  2. The height of the door aperture.
  3. The internal width of the lift.
  4. The internal depth of the lift from the closed door to the back wall.
  5. Please let us know if there are any hand rails fitted that might restrict access.

Where there are only a few steps involved, it may be sufficient for us to bring along a ramp or six wheel sack truck. If there are too many for this, it is possible to strip down and carry a lot of our games up and down stairs. We only use professional paid crew for this that have been properly trained and have the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). We will need the following from you:

  1. Photos of the stairs.
  2. The width of the stairs.
  3. Number of stairs.
  4. What is the distance from the top to the bottom or the stairs (how long does the ramp need to be)?
  5. The height clearance of the stairs to the ceiling.
  6. How many flights are there?
  7. If there is a landing/turning area from one flight to the next, we need to know the width and depth of that area.

When in doubt, please call us to discuss the delivery and installation of the games for your event


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