Sega Race TV

Sega’s latest driving game, Sega Race TV is a turbocharged, adrenaline-pumping experience, perfect for racers looking to drive at breakneck speeds through dynamic and challenging landscapes.

With an all-American style theme, the focus in this high-intensity game is purely on speed and power. Players can choose famous licensed cars from Muscle, Hot-Rods, Exotic, and Sports genres in which to race in, including Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, as well as Ford Mustangs. This is certainly one for the “petrol-heads”.

Cars can also be customized and tuned for optimum performance and speed, while Sega Race TV’s most unique aspect, it’s boost system, further increases the game’s rapid tempo. Players can press the boost button, located beneath the gearshift, for a sudden burst of extreme velocity to take them past rival drivers. 

Rival competitors are not the only challenge players will face on the track; Watch out for trucks, obstacles and other hindrances, including an unruly Statue of Liberty! Great fun for racing fanatics of all ages. 


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