Transformers Shadow Rising

Join forces with the noble Optimus Prime and his stalwart team of Autobots in Transformers Shadows Rising by Sega Amusements.

Shadows Rising is a sequel to Sega’s Transformers: Human Alliance that was initially released in 2013. The evil Decepticons are at it again, this time trying to use the Dinobots as their pawns in the fight for world domination. Players will get to blast their way through four levels, which includes battles in China and London. Mounted gun cannons make it a breeze to control while Sega has added a new element to the mix – the Hypertech Energy lever. When a user shoots a glowing metal Hypertech cube, they are given the chance to either use a special attack or defense mechanism by pushing the lever either forward (Attack) or back (Defend). Players must decide what is best suited to the present situation. New weapons are also available to grab as you play by shooting down enemies glowing in blue. You can enjoy firing a laser cannon, chaingun, rocket launcher and more!


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