Indiana Jones Pinball Table

Stern Pinball have incorporated the magic of all four of the Indiana Jones films into this fantastic machine. The world’s coolest ever archaeologist, well known for his iconic look, sense of humour, intrinsic knowledge of ancient civilizations and languages, as well as his impassioned fear of snakes, is honoured with this table to mark the release of the most recent film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

With beautifully rich and inviting artwork, as well as powerful images, the machine’s exterior is superb. The game play however, is this machine’s forte. The four movies are represented by different colours and marked with key artifacts or objects to attain from their respective plots. 

So fire your pinball at the Temple of Doom to attain the Sankara Stone, or at the Last Crusade marker for the Holy Grail! Beautiful graphics and game play make this machine a must have for any Indiana Jones aficionado.


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