About Us

At Corporate Amusement Services Limited, we believe organising an event shouldn’t be stressful. So for over 20 years we have been making finding the right entertainment solutions our mission.

With Europe’s largest selection of amusement games for hire, we cater for a diverse client base from Blue Chip companies to Mrs Johnson’s 40th birthday party; All of which has helped us build the knowledge and service range to meet your requirements and make your event even more engaging and exciting.

We’re a bright, dynamic and trustworthy bunch who are proud of the service we deliver and always ready to go the extra mile…!

Meet the Team

Dave Field  

The baby of the team, a former Royal Air Force Aircraft Engineer, now he thinks he is in control of most everything that goes on at CAS. He is getting on a bit and is often embarrassed by phone calls from people saying “Hi this is John we spoke last week about the games”, Dave’s memory is pants and the reply is often “ah yes just remind me which games and where and when the event is?”. A couple of tips when dealing with Dave: Tell him what you would like, and tell him what your budget is and you might be surprised.

Sabine Field 

Dave’s beloved wife and partner for over 25 years now. She IS in control of EVERYTHING that goes on at CAS. Sabine is a German National and has lived in England a long time now. Her built-in efficiency is what keeps us going in the right direction and it is Sabine who deals with most of the paperwork around here... "ve dot ze eye's und cross ze T's".

Aaron Gilbey 

After leaving SEGA Amusements Europe Aaron has been a major force helping move CAS onwards and upwards. He is a dynamic sales person and entrepreneur who never seems to sleep. For Dave’s sanity Aaron now resides in our sister company’s London office running the photo booth side of things to the point where this has become a company in its own right. The booths are second to none, so please check them out at www.superboothseurope.com

Jason Wilson 

Jason has many years experience in the Amusement trade working as a driver engineer supplying games to Pub and clubs in the Thames Valley. He has been working for CAS for over TEN years now and is our most experience driver/engineer. Jason is known for being completely chilled to the core, he climbed into a Jacuzzi once and the other occupants were taken away suffering from hyperthermia!!  

Oliver Paris 

Prior to joining CAS, Oliver was working at a company specialising in the hiring of Pinball Tables. After his move, CAS finally took the plunge and bought their first pinball table. We now have over thirty. Oliver has been with us for over eight years now and his mild manner and dry humour helps us through the hard days. Oliver loves pinball tables and owns a very collectable "Adams Family Gold" much to the displeasure of his long suffering partner (Julie) as it resides in the living room. One day it WILL be ours. 

James Clutton

James has worked for several companies in the positions of customer service, sales, account management and business development.James brings this experience to C.A.S to streamline processes and help take the business to the next level. Having trained in martial arts for the past 20 years, James doubles as security and if your name isn’t down, you’re not coming in :-)

Sam Metcalfe

Sam is the newest, youngest and best looking addition to our team. He left University with a degree in Media Production and has been using his Photography and Design skills to help us keep our site up to date. Since arriving, Sam has become best friends with "the biggest printer that we have ever seen in our office" meaning we can design and print high quality bespoke graphics to customise our games for you. Feel free to contact him at design@amusements.co.uk.


We don’t know where he is from or how he got here, but he does love testing the games. Unfortunately his manners are poor, especially when he loses, but he makes up for it by washing up and making the coffees.

The Others - You may have wondered where these guys ended up and now you know. We have many ex-employees and free lance staff working for us from time to time. All of these guys we insist in taking courses in Health and Safety, Driving and First Aid, just the same as our full time staff.  

The Goonies: "Welsh" Rob, Alex "Gino", Dave "Pinky" and David "Kiwi" 

If you're in the area feel free to pop in and visit us, we would love to see you, or call 01635 529952 to set a date and time. We have great coffee too!