PAC-Man Smash

Experience Air Hockey like never before.

Experience air hockey like never before. PAC-Man Smash takes the classic arcade game to the next level and leaves players wanting to play again and again… and again! Up to four players can play simultaneously as a frenzy of pucks bombard the playfield. The game starts out with one regular sized puck to get the players started but randomly throughout the game, dozens of mini pucks will spill out onto the playfield and players will have to frantically score as many pucks as they can, whenever the main puck is scored it is automatically returned to the alternate side. Each normal puck is worth 100 points and each mini puck is worth 30 points, which is displayed on the large LED scoreboard. PAC-Man smash is a unique and fast-paced twist to Air Hockey. This arcade machine is guaranteed to be a blast at your next event.

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