Star Wars Battle Pod

Step into the cockpit of a starfighter and live out every fan's dream. It's more than just a shooting game - it's losing yourself in the Star Wars Universe. The engines are fired up and waiting... It's time to fulfil your destiny!

Embark on an epic first-person cinematic experience. The revolutionary dome-shaped screen creates fully immersive, exciting aerial combat. Kitted out with a powerful graphics-processing engine to ensure tight and responsive controls, Star Wars Battle Pod will launch you into furious galactic battles so engrossing you'll forget to catch your breath!

This arcade machine is filled with features that provide a realistic cockpit experience. Get the enemy craft in your sights, hold steady... squeeze the trigger and bam! Feel the recoil of your guns through the controller vibrations, prepare evasive manoeuvres as seat vibrations let you know an enemy craft has landed their shots. Accompanied by exhilarating 360° surround sound, grab a buddy or go it alone in one of the most extraordinary shooting arcade games ever made!


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